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Letting go of drama - Part 19

5 Tips for Returning Back to Work - Part 18

Don't Put Your Life On Hold - Part 17

Re-entry Anxiety for Clients and Therapists - Part 16

How to Prioritise - Part 15

High Vibration - Part 14

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Preparing to return - Part 13

Love - Part 12

Energy Shift - Part 11

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Caring for an Elder - Part 9

Pivoting - Part 8

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Don't isolate even when staying at home - Part 5

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6 - Reiki Master Practitioner - Jenny Helliker

Jenny Helliker gives simple examples of how Reiki can enhance your life.

5 - Gong Baths with Scania Price

Scania Price creates a sacred space through the use of Gong Baths.  You too can learn how to attune your energy.

4 - Lifestyle and environmental choices with Andrea Kurkowski

In this episode we learn all about the routines you create for yourself, not excuses.

3 - Balancing home schooling, caring and mobile therapist with Ginny Williams

In this episode we learn how Ginny is able to home school two of her children and devote her time to running a successful reflexology business.

2 - What reflexologists want in their life with Sally Popper

In this episode we learn what reflexologists want in their life. They want to make clients feel nurtured, safe and healthy and they enjoy having work-life balance.

1 - Idea sparked a business for Caroline Duke Glover

100% Real with Teresa No 001

In this episode we learn how a massage treatment, exercise routine, homecare and mindset can help nurture your body to better health.  

If you are not actively digging deep to enhance your life, researching to find better ways of living, having treatments, doing self care.  You are cheating yourself and your family to a more healthier life.