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Sandy Tanner - Mind Detox Practitioner

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Sandy Tanner is a fully qualified, FHT accredited, Mind Detox Practitioner and teacher of Mind Calm and Body Calm meditation techniques, with hundreds of hours of personal practice. Trained under the expert guidance of Sandy Newbigging, best-selling author, Monk, and the creator of Mind Detox and Mind Calm.

With personal experience of using Mind Detox principles and techniques, proven methods to resolve inner conflict, unresolved past events and unhealthy beliefs; and having personally overcome addiction, co-dependency and destructive thinking, I am living proof that peace, contentment and joy are possible for anyone, whatever their backgrounds.

With over 26 years of experiencing my own personal and spiritual growth, and over three years' experience of helping others heal their relationships with their minds, their bodies, and their lives, I specialise in helping others resolve the issues that create dis-ease with themselves and life.

Message and Gift from Sandy Tanner

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast. It was a real privilege to talk to Teresa, a truly amazing, inspirational human being.

There are three exercises included as a gift for you, please download and play with them as a child would, with innocence, open to whatever experience they bring:

Exercise 1: GAAWO – A quick and simple exercise for accessing the still silent space that resides within us all; our true, natural state.

Exercise 2: Hello Emotions – An exercise for finding peace with our feelings.

Excerise 3: Notice the Now Space – Another exercise for helping us become aware of the still silent spaciousness, that is always present; the permanent aspect of ourselves.

And remember:

The only moment that exists, is now. Anything else is an illusion, a thought about the past or a thought about the future – either of which remove us from the present moment and aren't real (even if it seems like they are). Whenever we notice we have been caught up in thinking we can use exercises 1) and 3) above to help bring us back to Now and put our awareness on the present moment, on whatever is in front of us, Right Now.

We are not our thoughts or our emotions. Whenever we notice we are caught up in and resisting a feeling, use exercise 2) to get peace with the emotion. Allow the energy to flow as intended.

Additional note: 

All thoughts are the same – the only difference to them is how we identify with them. Our identification with them is what makes some of them appear more significant and thus more real than others

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